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Staff Report

San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control Trustee Vacancy


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Meeting History

Nov 13, 2012 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

City Clerk O’Connell presented the staff report.

Mayor DeJarnatt opened public comments.

Therese Dyer, 1408 Crespi Drive, asked if this was going to be an appointment or an application.

Mayor DeJarnatt stated that it depended on what they do and they were not there yet.

Ms. Dyer stated that she was offering her services since she was the one who was able to get rid of all the tires on Mori’s Point that were filling up with water and bringing mosquitoes there. She offered her services then but they appointed John Curtis. Since he was resigning, she was offering her services again.

Mayor DeJarnatt closed public comments.

Mayor DeJarnatt stated that he always watched this closely, stating that he goes to all the open houses and applied at the county and didn’t get it because they already had a representative but he would also like this one himself.

Mayor pro Tem Stone asked if he wanted to be back on another board.

Mayor DeJarnatt stated that he was still going to be on several, Pacifica School volunteers and the library board for a while depending on whether any new Councilmembers want it. He would stay on it unless someone else wants it and then he would step down. He was keeping something else.

Mayor DeJarnatt thought he was on another one, adding that they were thankless except that he did like the Pacifica School volunteers.

Councilmember Digre realized he was interested in the mosquito abatement and she would be happy to recommend that. She thanked Mr. Curtis and she regretted that he was not able to complete his term.

City Attorney Kenyon stated that they cannot appoint tonight because it was not on the agenda.

Mayor DeJarnatt understood, adding that they would leave it at that and asked what they do.

City Manager Rhodes stated that they would bring it back to the next meeting with that appointment.