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Councilmember Participation in Consultant Selection for the Economic Development Plan


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Meeting History

Nov 13, 2012 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

City Manager Rhodes presented the staff report.

Mayor DeJarnatt opened public comments.

Therese Dyer, 1408 Crespi, stated that she understood this was for a Councilmember and she stated that she would like to see Victor Spano be selected since he was already on the Task Force. She felt he has the expertise. She was sorry he didn’t make the City Council, but this was one way he can serve the city, and she would like to see that happen.

Tod Schlesinger, Linda Mar, stated that he looked on the agenda and there was apparently going to be two members of the Economic Development Committee appointed and he also felt they should not let the opportunity of utilizing Victor Spano’s experience go to waste.

Mayor DeJarnatt closed public comments.

Mayor pro Tem Stone stated that he volunteered to be one of the members of the selection committee. He asked the City Manager if Victor Spano was already on the Economic Development Committee members.

City Manager Rhodes responded affirmatively. He stated that the Economic Development Committee met on the previous Wednesday and they designated two people to serve, Mary Brown and Victor Spano.

Councilmember Digre stated that she would also like to be on it.

Mayor DeJarnatt agreed with that, and asked if they needed a motion.

City Attorney Kenyon responded that they did.

Councilmember Jaquith moved that the City Council designate Mayor pro Tem Stone and Councilmember Digre to participate in the consultant selection for the Economic Development Plan; seconded by Mayor DeJarnatt.

Councilmember Jaquith stated that they knew who the Economic Development Committee representatives were and thought that they knew the other members.

City Manager Rhodes stated that there were now six members of the group to make the selection, the two people from the Economic Development Committee, Victor Spano and Mary Brown, Councilmember Digre and Mayor pro Tem Stone, City Manager and the Planning Director.

MOVER:Ginny Jaquith, Councilmember
SECONDER:Pete DeJarnatt, Mayor
AYES:Pete DeJarnatt, Len Stone, Sue Digre, Ginny Jaquith
EXCUSED:Mary Ann Nihart