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Approval of Administrative Policy and Adoption of Resolution Authorizing the City Council to Adopt a Complete Streets Policy


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WHEREAS, the term “Complete Streets” describes a comprehensive, integrated transportation network with infrastructure and design that allows safe and convenient travel along and across streets for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclist, person with disabilities, motorists, movers of commercial goods, users and operators of public transportation, seniors, children, youth, and families; 


WHEREAS, the City of Pacifica acknowledges the benefits and value for the public health and welfare of reducing vehicle miles traveled and increasing transportation by walking, bicycling, and public transportation;


WHEREAS, the City of Pacifica recognizes that the planning and coordinated development of Complete Streets infrastructure provides benefits for local governments in the areas of infrastructure cost savings; public health; and environmental sustainability;


WHEREAS, the State of California has emphasized the importance of Complete Streets by enacting the California Complete Streets Act of 2008 (also known as AB 1358), which requires that when cities or counties revise general plans, they identify how they will provide for the mobility needs of all users of the roadways, as well as through Deputy Directive 64, in which the California Department of Transportation explained that it “views all transportation improvements as opportunities to improve safety, access, and mobility for all travelers in California and recognizes bicycle, pedestrian, and transit modes as integral elements of the transportation system”;


WHEREAS, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (known as AB 32) sets a mandate for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in California, and the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008 (known as SB 375) requires emissions reductions through coordinated regional planning that integrates transportation, housing, and land-use policy, and achieving the goals of these laws will require significant increases in travel by public transit, bicycling, and walking;


WHEREAS, numerous California counties, cities, and agencies have adopted Complete Streets policies and legislation in order to further the health, safety, welfare, economic vitality, and environmental well-being of their communities;


WHEREAS, the City of Pacifica therefore, in light of the foregoing benefits and considerations, wishes to improve its commitment to Complete Streets and desires that its streets form a comprehensive and integrated transportation network promoting safe, equitable, and convenient travel for all users while preserving flexibility, recognizing community context, and using the latest and best design guidelines and standards;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Pacifica, as follows:


1.  That the City of Pacifica adopts the Complete Streets Policy attached hereto as Exhibit A, and made part of this Resolution, and that said exhibit is hereby approved and adopted.


2.  That the next substantial revision of the City of Pacifica’s General Plan circulation shall incorporate Complete Streets policies and principles consistent with the California Complete Streets Act of 2008 (AB 1358) and with the Complete Streets Policy adopted by this resolution.


Passed and adopted at the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Pacifica held on November 13, 2012 by the following vote of the members thereof:


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Pete DeJarnatt, Mayor








Kathy O’Connell, City Clerk








Michelle Kenyon, City Attorney




Meeting History

Nov 13, 2012 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

Assoc. Planner Diaz presented the staff report.

There were no public comments.

Mayor pro Tem Stone asked staff to touch on why complete streets was important for other funding within CCAG or other federal funding and why they must be compliant in this regard.

Assoc. Planner Diaz stated that the Bay Area with MTC has initiated this one Bay Area grant where all grants are funneled through MTC and part of MTC’s requirements was that all cities will have to abide by the complete streets resolution or update their General Plan.

Mayor DeJarnatt asked if this, like the housing element, was something that has to be complied with. He thought this would have some real positive impacts and, the fact that it would be grant funded, it was hard to argue with.

Mayor pro Tem Stone referred to the next round of funding and, if the City didn’t have this updated either as a resolution or in the General Plan, you could not qualify for any of the funds which would be for transportation and road improvements.

Mayor pro Tem Stone moved that the City Council of the City of Pacifica adopt the attached resolution entitled “A Resolution of the City of Pacifica Adopting a Complete Streets Administrative Policy; seconded by Councilmember Digre.

MOVER:Len Stone, Mayor pro Tem
SECONDER:Sue Digre, Councilmember
AYES:Pete DeJarnatt, Len Stone, Sue Digre, Ginny Jaquith
EXCUSED:Mary Ann Nihart